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Knowing the Medicare benefits and how they apply to you can be confusing, but don’t worry, we’re here to help.

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Prepaid OTC Cards

Some plans include prepaid debit cards that can be used for a variety of needs. Examples of some OTC benefits include, groceries, utility bills, vitamins and more.

Medicare Advantage Transportation Benifits

Medicare Advantage plans include transportation benefits for both medical and non-medical needs.

Medicare Part B Rebate

The Medicare Part B give back is a benefit specific to some Medicare Advantage plans. This benefit covers up to the entire Medicare Part B premium amount for the policyholder.

Dental, Vision & Hearing

While Original Medicare covers a lot of services, it usually won’t cover routine dental, vision, and hearing care. Medicare Advantage plans are an excelent choice to get the full range or included benefits!

No matter your situation, we’ve got what you need.

Turning 65

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New to Medicare? No problem! Education is our top priority. Our Advocates give you the A – Z approach, walking you through every part of what you need to know concerning your coverage options.

Limited Assistance

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Some of these subsidy programs are state, others are federal, however all of them help reduce the cost you pay for prescription drugs. You may also qualify for for some of the following benifits: OTC cards, dental, hearing, vision, transportation, etc.



Are you a veteran and don’t know what works in coordination with your VA coverage? Our Advocates are experts in VA prescription coverage, knowing exactly how to coordinate that with Medicare benefits.


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Medicare parts A & B are automatically received after being on Social Security for 24 months. This makes you eligible to start receiving Medicare plan benefits once you receive your Medicare card.

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