You are a 1099 Independent Contractor. This means you are paid full Medicare commissions paid DIRECTLY BY AGENT BOOST. 

You are an LOA or Solicitor Agent for Agent Boost Marketing. What this means is that Agent Boost owns the policies you write for the first 3 years. After 3 years, those policies will vest to you and you will own those policies and commissions in perpetuity. This means that regardless of your performance, or agency affiliation Agent Boost Marketing will continue to pay you the residuals on ALL active policies from the time you contracted with Agent Boost. We do this because Agent Boost Marketing invests a significant amount of time and money into this opportunity. There is no cost to the agent and the only way to recoup any monies invested is to own the policies if the agent is not successful.

Requirements to maintain active status

  • Agent must average 10 policies sold/enrolled per calendar quarter. If said agent falls below 10 an average of 10 policies per quarter, agent will have a 30 day grace period to bring the rolling quarterly average above 10. If agent is unable or unwilling to do so, the agent will be moved to the direct agent channel and will be removed from the Medicare Advocates opportunity.
  • If Agent is terminated for cause from any of the insurance agent carriers contracts FOR CAUSE, Agent Boost Marketing reserves the right to terminate agent’s other contracts and remove agent from the Medicare Advocates opportunity. 
  • If Agent Boost Marketing becomes aware of illegal, illicit, or fraudulent activity Agent Boost Marketing reserves the right to terminate your contract and retain the policies written.
  • If Agent accrues  a negative balance of commissions due to chargebacks or commission advances that is unresolved for more than 90 days, Agent Boost Marketing reserves the right to terminate agent’s other contracts and remove the agent from the Medicare Advocates opportunity. 

You are responsible for your own tax liabilities. You are a self employed business owner. Agent Boost Marketing/ Medicare Advocates is providing you with the workspace, technology, tools and financial resources to succeed. However it is imperative to understand that your success is dependent upon your own personal effort.

What Agent Boost / Medicare Advocates provides

  • Seat in our virtual call center. Includes desk, computer, headset, internet access, and access to all building facilities and amenities. If agent is working from home, Agent will be responsible for their own set up, but will be able to access all Agent Boost Programs and tools remotely from home.
  • Free E&O Insurance – This is a $500-700 a year value. Our policy only covers you on products you have aligned under Agent Boost Marketing. If you represent or sell any carriers or lines of business outside of Agent Boost Marketing’s portfolio of products, the E&O policy will not cover you on those products.
  • Ability to use the Medicare Advocates name and marketing/branding materials.
  • A Rocket CRM account. We will pay for all of the back end communication tools to fund the communication and lead nurturing tools. A $500 a month value.
  • Medicare Advocates Sunfire enrollment tool $97 a month + $15 fee per app, FREE from Medicare Advocates and Agent Boost Marketing
  • Aged leads each month. These leads have permission to contact and TCPA compliance. Additional leads once 2% have been closed
  • Quality real time FB leads paid for by Agent Boost. 
  • Physical mailer leads generated and paid for by Agent Boost.
  • Access to Wellcare PDP leads. Typical agent receives 300-500 a month.

Total Monthly Value Proposition from Medicare Advocates and Agent Boost Marketing. (Provided by Agent Boost at no cost to agent)

E&O Insurance $50

Rocket CRM and Outreach $500

Aged Leads $250+ a month average

Mailer & FB Leads $400 a month average

Enrollment Tool $97 a month + $16 per app submitted on Sunfire (Covered by Agent Boost)

Over $1,500 a month in value and resources from Medicare Advocate/Agent Boost

Lead Types and Close Rates

Aged leads close at an average of 2-4% estimated 10-20 sales a month

Real time FB & Mailers Leads 15-20% estimated 4-6 sales a month

Wellcare or other Carrier PDP conversion leads 10% estimated 10-20 sales a month


Agent’s will not be traditional employees, but will be a hybrid model. Agent’s will set their own schedule, but will be required to maintain the following metrics to ensure their spot on the floor.

  • 16 MINIMUM Mapd/Supp sales each month
  • 30 Hours minimum average on the phones/system each week
  • Agent’s must be licensed in multiple states to effectively leverage the opportunity
  • Licenses and appointment fees to be paid by each individual agent (it will likely not makes sense to maintain all 50 states) 
  • Agent must maintain appropriate presentation, cleanliness, and professionalism
  • There will be zero tolerance for negative, toxic and divisive culture
  • Agent will conduct and do business as a representative from Medicare Advocates (although you may be affiliated or contracted for tax purposes under a different name) 

If an agent is not meeting monthly production requirements, average hours worked, or following outlined expectations, the agent’s position will be in Jeopardy. Agent will then be given (2) weeks to meet expectations before the Medicare Advocates/Agent Boost team may replace the agent with another at our sole discretion.

Commission Estimators